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In 1988 the school registered with the National Vocational Training Institute (N.V.T.I) for the Grade II Trade Test certification (Theory & Practical). There are two streams of students, those who are attached to the Flair kitchen and do practical cookery only and the classroom students who study various other subjects, see syllabus below. Over the years the school syllabus has been expanded to include related subjects from Home Management to Grooming with suitably qualified staff teaching the many subjects which would eventually equip the students to develop their skills in academic or practical fields.


Customer Care
Cookery Theory/Nutrition
Cookery Practical
Food & Beverage Service
Grooming & Deportment
Accommodation & Housekeeping
Function Catering
Health Science/ First Aid /Hygiene

In 1996 Flair registered students for the N.V.T.I proficiency (practical only) and in 2011, Flair in collaboration with NVTI introduced a new training programme initially for one year. This programme broadens their horizon and gives them the basics.

HACCP and Food Safety Training

Flair Catering Services Limited in 2014 launched the Food Safety and HACCP program. The key objective of this training is to provide food safety training services that will help catering teams deliver food that is safe and of good quality. Thus;

Improve the standards and safety of the operations.
Identify hazards and instigate suitable controls, monitoring and corrective actions.
Reduce the risk of food poisoning and food complaints
Food & Beverage Service
Interpret the requirements of food legislation
Apply the basic principles of HACCP

Adult Cooking Classes

In addition to our existing catering course, Flair has designed a Gourmet, Grooming and Etiquette course for housewives, female entrepreneurs and mature ladies who want to improve and add more excitement to their food preparation and presentation. This 3 months course takes place only on Saturdays. Flair has also successfully completed two successive "Fun Cookery" classes for children ranging from ages 10 to 15 years of age. Flair also has refresher courses for catering personnel, housekeepers, cook stewards and house help. Flair has designed a Ghanaian cuisine and local "specialities" course for Expatriates and Diplomatic wives.

Household Service Training

One month intensive training for house helps and for babysitters.


To date Flair has trained over 5000 men and women who have not only come from Ghana but also from neighbouring Togo, Nigeria, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Zambia, Tanzania and the United Kingdom and USA.

Many of the Flair graduates have established their own catering establishments and their counterparts are holding down responsible jobs in many of the 4 and 3 star Hotels, restaurants, Guest houses, canteens and catering sectors within a vast majority of both private and government institutions in Ghana.

Flair Hotel School

With an increasing demand for qualified hotel staff in Ghana, Flair is at the moment collaborating with foreign investors to establish a hotel school to train personnel in different sectors of the hotel industry and will offer recognised professional programmes that will be consistent with international standards. Beyond this, the Flair Hotel School will aim to provide career support by partnering with businesses in the hotel and tourism industries in Ghana and the Western Africa sub-region.

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